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JULY 2019
This month's newsletter highlights ~ Advised to confirm attendance on Studio Day 
     ~     Update on TH / AG Special Fish Vases .

  Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!


And the news is - NO NEWS ! (well, mostly ~ see below)

My recent question to Tim was - What's new for the news letter? His reply ' Well nothing really – we're just plodding along !' So there we are!

Collectors Open Day

No changes. Still in tablets of stone as per the last Newsletter (issued end of April '19).

VERY Important

Could all interested parties now please advise or confirm intended attendance for catering arrangements to be put in place.

Many thanks.


Special issue T.H./A.G Fish Vases ( just to reiterate and advise)


As many of you will know this series of the iconic and most recognisable of original designs from Michael Harris, his 'Fish Vase', was commissioned by us from Tim in 2016.

When I released the option to our paid up membership to order one we were taken back, but delighted, that the uptake of the whole series, comprising some 23 or so designs, of the 3 only in each design, the first two were snapped up within 48 hours of the notice going out. Each issue comprised designs from past collections which never included a Fish vase shape thereby giving something of unique and very special intrinsic value to the issue.

For info each has been inscribed by Tim with signature and issue information on the base including 1, 2, or 3 of 3 plus the words 'Exclusive issue for Artius Glass'

So there are now only a few of those designs to go but as is traditional we have saved the best until last.

Numbers 1 and 2 were pre-sold across the whole issue – unmade and unseen! However number 3 in case was available for other collectors but ther only ones remaining include one Nightscape (trial piece only at a special price) and Spring Bouquet No.3/3.

Others in the pipeline are Four Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter) numbers 1 and 2 pre-sold but number 3 is available. However although the original series include Spring as it was considered too similar to the Wild Gardens design and so will not be produced except by special request.

After that will come, in no particular order, 'Undercliff', Sunset Isle, Golden Seagulls, Blue Seagrass

Just completed and available in number 3 (1 & 2 pre-sold) are Lenten Rose and Ocean Blue/Rock Pool. We will shortly have images of these two designs available, as this weekend we returned with them from studio for the collectors who No.s 1 & 2 are currently owed to.

We have also planned one or two 'surprise' issues, - More later!


Now for some Pretty Pictures!



A one off substantial 'GRAAL' bowl from an early body of work from IoW Studio Glass when this process was undertaken through a collaboration between Timothy & Jonathan Harris although the process and designs were originally trialled almost 10 years earlier.

Typical of the classic designs by Jonathan, which were on display at the International Spring Fair a year or so after Jonathan joined the Studio from Stourbridge College in 1989, Tim has continued in this format since but developed a a unique style of his own.

These very difficult, time consuming and accomplished pieces in Graal were successfully achieved by Tim and he has since become one of the few Master Glass Makers in the UK who are able to achieve this peak of the glass makers art.

In fact the UK now has more glass makers able to achieve this process successfully than most of the rest of the world put together. This sceptred Isle is blessed! Next to fine cameo work it represents the finest investment you could ever make in Studio Glass in my (and many others!) opinion. So, as with many other special pieces, you are not just spending on good glass but also investing in it both aesthetically and financially.

Description: 'Acanthus Pink' large footed GRAAL Bowl

Maker : Timothy Harris @ I oW Studio Glass Ltd

Size: 8.25" dia x 6.75" high (17cm x 21cm)

Date: 2000

Marks: Engraved Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 'Acanthus Pink' 2000

Condition : Perfect

Price: £895 (No discount but FREE P&P) See membership terms. Item 1.




One of the most iconic and desirable of all of the Studio's designs first devised in 1985 by a collaboration of most family members even though a brain child of Michael Harris, to represent the crashing waves and spray of one of the south Wight summer storms. Constructed using previously made shards of multi coloured layered and trailed glass from a smashed previously made globe. Very special and unique of course in each case. A classic IoW.S.G design and still as popular now as when first made. Next to it's sister range of Nightscape with Black Azurene it has become a flagship design of the Studio.

This is one of the largest pieces from early production ( also note the black triangle sticker discontinued in '90/'91) and one of the scarce oblong sectioned vases.

Now highly prized and sought after items due to the engraved signature of Michael Harris.

Description: Isle of Wight Studio Glass in 'Seascape' large tall box vase

Maker : Timothy Harris & Team @ I oW Studio Glass Ltd

Size: 12.75" (32cm) high x 4.75 x 2.75" (12cm x 7cm)

Date: 1986~1993 (but this one made pre. C '90

Marks: Signed 'Michael Harris I.o.W England' + black triangle sticker

Condition : Perfect

Price: £1025 (less p.c.g. members disc. @ 12.5% & FREE P&P) See membership terms




A fascinating and striking design by Timothy Harris made in 1990/'91 as part of the designs for Gozo Glass (the studio on the sister island to Malta) whilst still in the ownership of Michael Harris and his then partner of Rupert Brooks. Tim was charged with producing a range of designs representing some of the characteristics of the island and Seashells, Sunshine and Seaweed were the three main ones. However this was another made as a trial on the IoW and is reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting(???!) but was never adopted. However Tim remembers it well and relates that his influence was to interpret the colourful Fiestas and celebrations which were part of Island life. This example came from the archive samples meant for the planned IoWSG museum at the St Lawrence studio.

In my archive folder I still have the original 3 fold leaflet given to us agents to see if we could raise interest and orders from UK retailers. Sadly it did not stack up against the designs from IoWSG at that time.

Great design though and I have adopted it for something special. All will be revealed in due course!!

Description: 'Fiesta' Large side stripe bag vase

Maker : Timothy Harris & Team @ I oW Studio Glass Ltd for Gozo Glass

Size: 5.5" high x 2.25” deep(14cm x 5.5cm)

Date: C.1990/91

Marks: Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England'

Condition : Perfect

Price: £225.00 (less p.c.g. members disc. @ 12.5% & FREE P&P) See membership terms




A unique very early 'Trial' for what ultimately became the 'Japanese Vase' made solely by Michael. The construction shows the early similar characteristics of colour dipping as used in the iconic 'Fish Vase' but used in a different manner where the green colour has been substituted for the clear glass double dipped 'wings'. Not obvious in the images but both sides have been flattened as with the lollipop section of a fish vase. The yellow gold is nicely dotted with tiny seeds of Silver from the silver chloride used for that colour. A very interesting 'gem' in my opinion. Of substantial proportions BUT we are not selling it by the pound even though the common phrase when picked up for the first time by someone wishing to cradle it would be 'Oooh – nice and heavy'! (as though that equates with quality – which it doesn't, but we know what you mean!)

Description: Mdina Glass Large early trial for 'Japanese Vase'

Maker : Michael Harris @ Mdina Glass

Size: 6.5" high x 6.25” wide x 5” deep (17cm x 16cm x 12.5cm)

Date: C.1968~70

Marks: None

Condition : Perfect

Price: £250.00 (less p.c.g. members disc. @ 12.5% & FREE P&P) See membership terms


                That's All Folks!!

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