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APRIL 2019
This month's newsletter highlights ~ The National Glass Fair     ~     Future
Important Dates     ~     Membership Subscriptions Increase.


Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!


Well, to the relief of many of you I am sure, we do not have a lot to say this time as it has been generally a bit of a 'tumbleweed' period (think old Western movies!)

However, a few snippets to be going on with ~

Up & Coming Fairs

Make a note in your diaries that the gem in our fair calender 'The National Glass Fair' is due on Sunday the 12th of May at The National Motor Cycle Museum (M42) Birmingham.http://www.glassfairs.co.uk/home.html The Premier show for any with even a passing interest in our passion. We will be there and also supporting, and supported by, Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd. amongst others.

Many of us save some of our special gems for this prestigious event so it may be your only chance to invest in a really special item. See you there no doubt.

The following is the link to our website listing all our dates for Fair standing over the next 3 months. Only this months listed at the end of this letter as my computer seems to be throwing a wobbly and doesn't want to print out my second and third column of fair dates. Sorry. http://www.artiusglass.co.uk/id3.html


Future Important Date

Yes, apparently premature I know, but this being the best time of year to book holiday commitments we need you to be advised that after much thrashing about we have tentatively had to book the most important date in our business calendar, that of The IoWSG Collectors Studio Day. We have had to plump for Sunday October 27th.

This year we have again secured a special Glass Maker Guest of Honour in the form of Nick Wirdnam. Nick, with input from Michael, ran a small studio on the Channel Islands called Jersey Glass for about a year in 1975 but was employed by Isle of Wight Studio Glass from1975-83 
Now many of you will not necessarily know that name as Nick resides on the other side of the globe geographically, in Australia. However, he spent many of his formative years at the Studio and was a very important part of the team during the very hectic time of the Black Azurene global 'explosion' production, amongst others.

Tim and Liz are delighted to be able to welcome him back - IF he can make the date (T.B.A.) - to re-live the glorious past.

I have to be honest and say that I personally do not recall him but that is no surprise as on most occasions when calling at the studio my time was spent in deep discussions with Mike in the office. The workshop was a bewildering hive of hot glass industry which you entered at your peril if you were not part of one of the teams. Hot glass and bare (or even clothed) skin do not make good bed fellows!

We hope Nick can make it as Tim is looking forward to the collaboration on the day . As you know, if you have been before, some pretty special items emanate from Tim's fertile mind, and that of his collaborator, on the day. These become some very special pieces for the future of Avids' collections.

More final details later.


Membership subscriptions

Sorry to advise but dictating market forces have come upon us. A.K.A increase in membership sub.

Now to put it into perspective there has not been an increase since the studio relocation in 2013 but inflation has, as it always does, insidiously eaten into our overheads.

We feel it is not as bad as some periods of rampant inflation in the past and give or take it has averaged out at 3% per annum. So if you take the 6 years of no increase it comes out at 18% total inflation.

We are therefore proposing to change the sub for full membership of combined Artius Glass and I. of W. Studio Glass to £29.50 and single membership, of either, to £20.50.

We hope this still represents good vale for money when you look at the positive benefits both financially and in kind. Please check out T&C for actual benefits at http://www.artiusglass.co.uk/id32.html

So hope we haven't offended any of our loyal members as you are our most valued and important ambassadors.

However it is not all bad news. We will not apply this increase until October this year for existing members.

For new members terms will apply with immediate effect.

So any subs. due up to that month will still be at the current


Now for some Pretty Pictures!



One of the scarcer parts of a successful range from the 'Ribbons, Lace, Silk & Satin' Collection. Designed to emulate the natural characteristics of slub silk - and very neatly achieved. This finish only survived from 1988-1989 even though the collection went on in reduced form until 1993 in Ribbons in this shape only and then combined with the Bon Bons collection before being retired completely.

Description: Small Globe Perfume Bottle

Maker : Timothy Harris & Team @ I oW Studio Glass Ltd

Size: 2.5" dia x 4" high (6cm x 10cm)

Date: 1988~1989

Marks: Black triangle sticker

Condition : Perfect

Price: SOLD




Description: Archive experimental 'Graal' style pot/votive.

Maker : Michael Harris & team @ IoW Studio Glass

Size: 3.5" dia x 3.75" high (9cm x 9.5cm)

Date: 1978~mid 1980's (estimated)

Marks: 'IoW Glass England'

Condition : Perfect

Price: SOLD




Another gem of Michael Harris' early years at his I.o.W studio. Of all the colour combinations from those formative years comprising Pink Swirls, Blue Swirls, Pink & Blue Swirls, Blue & White swirls and ultimately and most prolific Brown & Yellow swirls known as Tortoiseshell, this range called 'Seaward' in Green & Blue is the scarcest and yet still the most attractive to most collectors eyes.

Oddly though, at the time, this was the shortest lived as far as we can judge. First produced in mid 1973 this colourway was discontinued by the end of 1974. My guess is the old saying that 'Blue and Green should never be seen' dictated its demise. How wrong can they be!

The year is confirmed by the 'coachbolt' prunt covering the cracked off pontil scar and then pressed to shape with an old coach bolt head which, the story goes, was one found lying around on the floor of the converted cow stall barn that was the origin of the St. Lawrence studio. This method of finishing the pontil scar was the forerunner of the tool made for the 'Flame Logo' which has, ever since, been the trade mark of the business. A wonderful, simple image which cannot be disputed when found on early work.

What is indisputable also is that this is confirmed as having been made by Michael himself with his signature as proof. A scarce piece with a scarce mark. Doesn't get much better than that does it?

Description: 'Seaward' early development signed squat globe vase with coachbolt prunt

Maker : Michael Harris @ IoW Studio Glass

Size: 3.5" dia x 3" high (9cm x 8cm)

Date: 1973

Marks: Coachbolt prunt plus diamond point inscribed signature 'Michael Harris, Isle of Wight' plus remnants of paper label 'Hand Made, Isle of Wight' sticker.

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD 




Possibly amongst the rarest gem to emanate from the Studio. As strange a shape ever produced by them, this Japanese Tea Urn was made as a commission for one of the speciality Japanese companies who, over the years, has requested unusual items from I. of W. Studio Glass for its marketing business.

It was produced by Timothy and his team in the 'Allsorts' finish from the Bon Bon Collection which ran from 1990 to 1993. However this particular item, according to Tim Harris, only ever totalled maybe a handful. So how this one came to be on British soil is anyone's guess. Clearly a very accomplished piece of making from a technical construction point of view as it has been made in 4 separate parts - the finial, lid, body and foot.

Getting it right must have been annoyingly demanding as the body needed accurate rim turning in and the lid rim has to accurately fit the body. Not easy in a hand made item such as this. This is surely another item which should have been destined for the Studio Museum. But here again is your chance to get hold of what will ultimately be a highly valued special gem in the future – if not now in fact.

Description: IoWSG Lidded Tea Urn

Maker : Timothy Harris & team @ IoW Studio Glass

Size: 4.75"dia x 6.25" high (12cm x 16cm)

Date: 1990~1993 (estimated)

Marks: None

Condition : Perfect

Price: SOLD


                That's All Folks!!

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