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April / May 2017
This month's newsletter highlights :  
 Isle of Wight Studio Glass Collectors Day Special Guest Glassmaker Announced ~  
Timothy Harris to supply Terri-Louise Colledge with his glass vessels for her
decorative enamel work




Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!


Well, how much have you missed us?? Yes, I know the feeling, and we've missed you too! You are right, we are so overdue but we have our excuses. We had intended to tie this letter in with that of the Studio (IoWSG) and so it was due around the end of March/beginning April. However we were asked to hang on so that the important confirmation of the Glassmaking Guest of Honour could be advised to you in their newsletter first. We said fine, obviously, but it all took a little longer than anticipated. By the time you got your studio newsletter we were into a manically busy period and just couldn't fit it in. So – sorry again. Anyway here we are now and the dust has settled somewhat for us. And as usual we will not hang back as those on dual membership now know that I negotiated with no other than the amazing Siddy Langley as our Collectors Studio Day special guest.

For those who may not get the Isle of Wight Studio Glass Newsletter, Siddy's background is rather special and without giving you chapter and verse in C.V. form the basics are that Siddy was one of, what I always term, the early second generation of those who developed the British Studio Glass Movement. Yes there are others who spread the word and survived the rigours of creating a stable business from glass making but most moved on to other forms of glassmaking rather than staying with functional objects such as vases, perfume bottles and paperweights.

Siddy did, as did Tim, and I remember first coming across some of her work when she had a studio in Buckinghamshire in the early eighties. She made some amazing iridised pieces which I was very taken with but did not make contact with her with a view to promoting her work as I was already the agent for IoWSG, Okra Glass, Midsummer Glassmakers, Langham Glass, Holmegaard of Denmark and a couple of others, so my portfolio of representation was pretty full.


Here are are some details from her website which you may like to visit ~ www.siddy.com or

Siddy Langley Glass



Devon EX15 2JW

01884 277426

E: mail@siddy.com


IMPORTANT NEWS in the interim

It has been confirmed that this year's Studio Day will be on Nov. 26th.

Final details to be announced later.

However, as in previous years, it will pay to get your name down sooner rather than later even if you are not sure if you can finally make it. A reduction of numbers due to extenuating circumstances if you can't make it is not as much of a problem as the disappointment of leaving it too late when you had intended to go but we were oversubscribed.

So, contact us or the Studio asap.

(Ron22Wheeler@btinternet.com or info@isleofwightstudioglass.co.uk)

And Now for some Pretty Pictures! (a.k.a. special items initially for subscriber members)




A GEM has arisen from the ashes!!

On our last trip to the studio we were presented with something that we never knew existed and even they had forgotten about. You will all no doubt recognise this very special piece above as the first 'new era' Artius Glass exclusive commission with Tim and IoWSG of my design called Sunset Isle after the new studio was set up at Arreton. If you have retained them, you can look back on your previous A.G. Newsletter editions and get the full story but briefly it represents Tim's interpretation of the sun setting over Newtown Bay just above the tree line of the opposite shore on the north coast of the Island. Says it all really doesn't it? What is a mystery is how it was put aside and not issued at the time. It is numbered No.10 and that is the last as we have always thought that only 9 were made. So First Come ~ First served but I have to say that I am sorely tempted to add it to my personal collection of rare gems and if it is still not claimed 1 hour after this letter goes out, I surely will (not a threat-honest- but certainly a promise!). Details below.

Description: 'Sunset Isle' bag vase

Maker : Tim Harris

Size: 20cm(8”)high x 15cm(6“)wide x 7.5cm(3”) deep

Date: 2015

I.D. Marks: Inscribed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2015 No.10'

Condition : Excellent

Price: £350.00 (no disc. See terms & conditions #8 + Free p&p)



Unique one off perfume bottle made by Tim Harris not included in final Sweet Pea collection. Made in the shape of those eventually included in the Bon Bons collection. Clearly influenced by the very early shape of his fathers 'inside out' vase. Interesting & unique.

Description: 'In the style of 'Sweet Pea collection' perfume bottle

Maker : Tim Harris

Size: 12cm(4.75””)high x 7cm(2.75“)diam.

Date: 1987 (approx)

I.D. Marks: Engraved 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England TRIAL'

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD



Clearly a very labour intensive way of making, in that it has an inner section which has been decorated with pink powdered glass enamel before being cased again with clear glass and finally rolled in white shards to give a 3 dimensional outer casing in the same style as the lace finish from 'Satin & Silk, Ribbons & Lace' of 1988

Description: Large round (globe) double cased perfume bottle. Unique (trial)

Maker : Tim Harris

Size: 11.5cm (4.5”) high x 7.5cm (3“) diam.

Date: 1986/7

I.D. Marks: Black triangle sticker. Also inscribed to base 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 1985'

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD



An exceptional example of the work of an international class glassmaker whose work is held in the highest esteem and examples of which are in some of the world's most prestigious glass museums including 'The' most prestigious - the Corning Museum of Glass in New York State USA.

This was made in an edition of 10 only for one of his Collectors only Open days late in 2013. I had the honour of being his original Marketing Agent in 1979 before he was taken over by the mighty ceramic company of Moorcroft. He now works alone again but we are aware that he may shortly retire to follow another passion – making violins would you believe. Talk about 'and now for something completely different'!. However I know him to be a very good musician and it's certainly a far less strenuous occupation. So, a chance to get a lasting treasure from a dying breed of one of the U.K.'s finest glass craftsmen

Description: Richard Golding at Station Glass. Collectors Club members only Day Piece.

Maker : Richard Golding

Size: 11.5cm(4.5””)high x 14cm(5.5“)diam.

Date: 2013

I.D. Marks: Inscribed 'Open Day 9/10 Richard P. Golding 2013'

Condition : Excellent

Price : SOLD



Just once in a blue moon along comes something which confirms the rule that 'It is impossible to know everything about everything and it is difficult to know everything about something' In other words here I am having studied everything from I.of W. Glass for the last 38 years and along comes something which proves the above rule!

A development design presumably from the hand of Michael Harris for the design of the original Ribbons (not from the Ribbons & Lace, Silk & Satin Collection) but one which quickly developed alongside the 'Iridaceae Collection' in 1984/5

However I had never before seen it in this form with applied trailing. In the original range it was worked into the surface giving a 2 dimensional finish. Only recently reprised by Tim in 'Seaweed' at the old Studio and then in Linear at the new studio in this 3 dimensional form. What a rare gem.

Description: Early original 'Ribbons' TRIAL

Maker : Michael Harris (Authenticated and confirmed by Timothy Harris)

Size: 12cm(4.75””)high x 12cm(4.75“)diam.

Date: 1983/4

I.D. Marks: None

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD


More news!

Since telling you that we had taken on the marketing responsibility of the amazing Terri Louise College we were pleased to be able to introduce her to Tim Harris to supply her with blanks on which she could apply her fabulous hot fired glass enamel images. As you may know (refer to previous newsletter) her claim to real glass finishing stardom came from being chosen to carve and finish two cameo pieces for the 2012 'Portland Vase Project'. An accolade of worldwide importance (look it up!!) However as we promote the cameo work of the other most accomplished of all the world's traditional cameo carvers, Helen Millard, we agreed to only promote Terri's hand painted enamel designs. What a twosome! So now, with the possible impending retirement of Richard P. Golding who has up to now supplied Terri her blanks to decorate, she has a substitute of equal ability in Tim to supply her with an endless stream of first class studio glass pieces. Truly a marriage made in heaven. Here are two simple, but charming, pieces made exclusively for us by Terri and now available to our p.c.g. members before going on to our website.



Description: (1.) Unique Snowdrops on T.H. Featherspray perfume bottle

(2.) Unique 'Green Frog' on T.H. Featherspray vase

Maker : Tim Harris

Size: (1.) 13cm(5.25””)high x 5cm(2“)diam.

(2.) 15cm(6”) high x 8cm (3.25”) diam.

Date: 2017

I.D. Marks: Inscribed 'Terri L. College'

Condition : Excellent

Price: (1)SOLD

(2) SOLD

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