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July / Aug 2017
This month's newsletter highlights :  
 Timothy Harris and  the Royal Collection     ~    An Interview with Timothy Harris on
Vectis Radio Isle of Wight



Well folks, it has been a long time, but concern thee not, we will make up for it here!

As usual there have been developments in the Artius business model not least of which is our adoption of Siddy Langley and Terri-Louise Colledge to promote and stock their wonderful glass art works as we outlined in the last Newsletter or two. What with that and the fabulous and beautifully executed cameo art of Helen Millard we are now justifiably proud and happy to brag that we have the best in their field available in the UK AND beyond. We know this as we tirelessly troll the internet and websites and can find no better currently available in the world today ~ not that we would want to as we have always promoted British artist glass makers in the main.

That brings me to another slightly vexed subject. Now PLEASE stick with me on the following. It is worth reading -honestly!

After enjoying a wonderfully buoyant first 5 months of this year at all the fairs we attend the following period has been decidedly flat to put it kindly! It has not been something which has affected us only but seems to have been a general demise affecting all dealers across all forms of antiques and collectables. Now, we all expect July and August to suffer the doldrums, mainly because of the annual holiday migration. But this year it started early and is still with us all, but more so.

Now, from my long experience in the retail trade as a freelance marketing agent for many high quality designer/ makers (over 4 decades to be precise) we have seen many depressions come and go. To most it is often a mystery as to why it happens at the same time to all, but having pondered the reasons so many times I always came to the conclusion that most were media created developing into a self fulfilling prophecy! In simple terms a national or even global event that dominates the media creates a concern with the buying public and a lack of confidence to spend or invest i.e.'Ooh, we hadn't better buy in case things get worse and we may need it for that rainy day that the news says is coming! Thankfully it seldom does - well certainly not the end of the world anyway and as long as Christmas is not cancelled it ultimately gets back - with a national sigh of relief - to normal (normal trading will be resumed a.s.a.p.!)

So what is it this time? My analysis is ~Brexit! My assessment is that, like most elections for example, in the longer term it won't make a jot of difference! Yes, in the short term it will give us all something to rant about, but long term??! Normal service WILL be resumed! Trust me!

However in the meantime, what saved me during these odd periods during my marketing career, the answer is - if you can't get a return on your savings through the normal finance channels – trade UP! i.e put your hard earned into something which is a good investment in pleasure and a good financial investment to boot. And yes, there are a few but none more pleasing and satisfying than good forms of art. So, you are right, my suggestion is Studio Glass and that, as with us, must be one of your greatest pleasures or why are you a member of our (and the studio's) collectors group? To cement the wisdom of my argument, a few years back I did a calculation on relevant values and was very gratified to find that based on standard values of production ranges of Isle of Wight Glass (not one offs or specials) from 1972 to date, those realisable values had increased by 11.5% year on year! Okay now find me a nicer and more gratifying way of investing than that ….................... I'm waiting??!

Now, where were we? (off the soap box now!) Your comments will be appreciated! However, I must assume that I usually get it about right as you seldom do get back to me! But it is always appreciated when you do. Give it a try!

Now for some Pretty Pictures!


Counts as one of the most iconic, hard to find designs from Tim's design genius in his early years as an already accomplished glass maker. To be precise he was just 24 years old and not so long out of his apprenticeship. Very much a sign of things to come.

Quite a complex process but still one which captured the whole essence of its title. One of my, and many other 'avids', favourites none- the- less for the fact that it is a square section bottle. Most unusual.

Description: 'Golden Rain' square perfume bottle

Maker : Timothy Harris. Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd.

Size: 9.5cm(3.75“)high x 4.2cm(1.6”) sq

Date: .1985~'87.

I.D. Marks: .Signed 'Timothy Harris. IoWG England + black triangle sticker

Condition : . Excellent

Price: SOLD


Zanfirico Oro Gourd Vase



One of the more unusual concepts in terms of shape anyway. Name adopted from the traditional Italian processes of the same name but with a difference as the multi coloured canes made for the stripy decoration were used straight whereas traditional Italian Zanfirico used twisted canes. Many variationS of this theme were produced – a confusing profusion in fact - possibly leading to its being short lived. Now hard to find for that reason. The term 'Oro' was used to denote the addition of 22ct gold.

Description: Zanfirico Oro gourd vase

Maker : Timothy Harris. Isle of Wight Studio Glass Ltd.

Size: 6.5cm(6.5”)high x 8.5cm(3.25“).

Date: .2004~2006

I.D. Marks: Gold square 'The Original' sticker

Condition : Excellent.

Price: SOLD





One of the most striking of all of Richard Golding's (the master of iridescent glass makers) outstanding work . The Jack-in-the-Pulpit vase. These he had been making since the beginning of Okra Glass Studio and one which drew my attention to his work at the Harrogate Craft Trade Fair in 1978 where I approached him to become his sole U.K. agent. A marriage made in heaven for me as a very young Marketing agent. Wonderful years until he was taken over by the mighty Moorcroft which turned out to be a disastrous marriage in fact. Hey Ho, such is life!

This is a monster of a piece. Look at the dimensions and check them out with a tape measure. What a piece!

Description: Jack-in-the-Pulpit vase .

Maker : Richard Golding @ Moorcroft - Okra Glass Studio.

Size: 38cm(15”)high x 22cm(8.5“) across.

Date: .1998-2000

I.D. Marks: .Hand inscribed - 'OKRA' Richard P. Golding 95/250. Purple.

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD





As you all (A.G. pcg fully paid up subscription members) know we save the absolute 'gems' that we manage to obtain for you, to give you the first chance to buy before we offer them to any other collector or customer via our website or at our fairs.

This item as many of you will know is one such example.

The original versions of this 'Sun & Moon' design came about as prime example of the Harris Family design prowess around 1991 but were never issued to the retail trade on the standard order form. As luck would have it we have a copy of this design drawn by hand on a blank space of an archive price list for that year. Why it didn't go into standard production we have no idea but it would appear that it was decided to make it for the German market in the main as that price list show it listed in Deutsch marks only.

However this is not one of those early examples but one made for the contract I secured to supply the cruise liner 'Eclipse'. Once again very few, maybe a handful, were actually produced and this is possibly a trial piece because of the way the sun & moon are applied. In this case it was made by cutting out by hand several layers of gold or silver leaf and appling hot after the piece was effectively finished.

The later pieces used the technique of engraving out a perfect circle (or moon) and infilling with gold paste which gave a more satisfactory uniform shape to the sun and moon.

A beautiful and very scarce example.

Description: Sun & Moon bage vase

Maker : Timothy Harris @ Isle of Wight Studio Glass

Size: 17cm(6.75”)high x 10cm(4“) across.

Date: .Made around 2008/9 but dated 2012

I.D. Marks: .Hand inscribed 'Isle of Wight Glass England Timothy Harris 2012'

Condition : Excellent

Price:  SOLD


Our Newly Promoted Glass Makers

Last newsletter we introduced you to Siddy Langley, as if she needed introduction to collectors of British Studio Glass, but we will shortly be adding a fully dedicated page of her work as well as a write up on her career to date. However you can do this also by visiting her very comprehensive website ~ www.siddy.com

Siddy is a constantly, almost manically, busy glass maker and tutor and if you want to try your hand at something you will rarely get the opportunity to do – actual hot glass making – just visit her site as there are golden opportunities coming up within the next couple of months in the workshops organised throughout an extended Somerset area in the Somerset Art Weeks Festival from 28th. Sept ~ 8th October. At Siddy's Studio it will encompass paperweight making, bead making, glass sand casting, tile making and other techniques all at a flat rate of £25.00 per workshop. Believe me this is a bargain rate compared to most workshop teaching sessions which can run into several hundred pounds for full learning sessions. What a chance for yourself or a loved one to do something you may not get too many chances to do in a lifetime. Great one to tick off the 'bucket list'!

Our Artius Glass Exclusive Commission Special 'Fish Vase' by Timothy Harris

In our Jan'17 newsletter we introduced you to this one off event series and illustrated the first few which would be available as well as listing those we envisaged over the next two to three years. At the time we estimated that it would comprise 3 of each of 19~20 designs ultimately. Well apart from the fact that we have been requested an additional two or three, what really caught us by surprise was that within 48 hours of the newsletter going out we had sold two thirds of the whole series and in some cases all three even though they had not been seen or made!. Shrewd buying and very gratifying. We are all over the moon. Now we do still have available a good selection of the number 3's in the ranges (all will be numbered 1, 2, and 3 of 3 and marked and signed by Tim with number and date as well as Artius Glass Special Commission) so please advise if any of these are of interest. If you compare them with current values of a Michael Harris signed Fish Vase they represent very good value at around half that of a signed Michael Harris piece. Bear in mind that only No.3's in the series are available as all the No.'s 1 & 2 are spoken for. Let us know.

Timothy Harris and The Royal Collection

Some of you may recall that in 2012 ~ the Diamond Jubilee year of our Queen Elizabeth II ~ Tim was chosen to present her a commemoration item from the residents and businesses of the I. of W. This was done by Tim on


Cowes seafront with all the accompanying pomp and ceremony. Quite an honour in recognition of his accomplished and important work representing the best of British and the I. of W. (but we all knew that didn't we !?) This lovely large fully engraved bowl in a variation of the 'Seascape' pattern was added to the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace - as far as we know. All this is in addition to the honour bestowed on Tim being appointed as a Royal Scholar of the Queen Mother's Q.E.S.T ( Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) many years ago.

This year the Palace decided to hold an exhibition of items from the Royal Collection and Tim was informed by the Palace that his had been chosen to be included, if he approved(!!). He said he'd think about it!! No, no, just jesting!!!! It is in the exhibition in all its glory and here is the link ~


An Interview with Tim Harris on Vectis Radio I. of W.

A short while ago Tim was approached by Vectis Radio I. of W. to take part in an interview on one of the presenter's chat sections. It went down very well and knowing Tim, who at times will shy away from this kind of publicity (in his own words 'I just want to make glass!'), he took part in a charming radio interview and we have the recording which can be heard on this link. Nice to listen to (with apologies to those of you still in the dark ages on hard copy letters and not on line!)http://www.vectisradio.com/latest-shows/visit-isle-of-wight-show/

On this page under the coloured I.o.W. image you will find a listing of 'The Visit Isle of Wight Show'. Scroll down to the show on June 14 - 2017 and click on this and the show interview will play. Enjoy!


As ever, our very best regards

Ron and Ann

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