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December 2018
This month's newsletter highlights :  
Richard Golding Retirement Celebration     ~       Timothy Harris Isle
of Wight Glass Royal Commission  

Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!

Well, another end to the strangest of years - but I guess we have come to expect that. Entertaining, whilst concerning, for all kinds of unfathomable reasons. Still, keeps us on our toes I guess waiting for the next all consuming, news dominating, feature length saga.

For my part, now that 'Strictly' and 'The Apprentice' has finished , except for Christmas with the family, it is all a bit of an anti-climax - Sad innit!

At The Studio (Isle of Wight Glass that is)

Last letter I hinted at a Royal commission for Tim and it has transpired. It was in fact a gift for Prince Charles' 70th birthday commissioned via a Q.U.E.S.T. member (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust of which Tim is a nominated associate) and Johnny Walker Whiskey for a set of hand made Whiskey tumblers to celebrate the event.

Just goes to show once again the high esteem in which Tim is held for his world beating glass making skills albeit that this commission wouldn't stretch his wonderful glass making skills one iota. All presented in a specially made presentation gift box I understand. Sadly we do not have an image for you. But don't take our word for it, give the recipient a ring and ask for an image to be emailed. Good luck with ~ that but let me know if you succeed!

End of an Era

As many of you will already know my first move into freelance marketing was via a world beating very special art glass called Okra Glass produced by the superb talents of one Richard Golding. Well after many and various changes, which culminated as Richard Golding @ Station Glass, he has, after 40 plus years, finally put away his blowing irons and retired. We went to his last small open day do at his Studio in Leicestershire last week in fact.

Thank you for all those years of pleasure your skills have given us. I am proud and privileged to have been part of your journey in your early years.

I wouldn't have had the wonderful career I enjoyed without you.



As we probably also all know, and certainly those with a similar passion for 'Art' or Studio Glass, his contribution has been immense from the adoption of techniques set in place by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Loetz, Quetzal, Palme Koenig and a handful of others at the turn of the 19th and 20th Century, we had not seen the like of his skills in surface decorated iridescent finishes at any other time than when he started down this road at around the end of the seventies. Incidentally he was also a peer of Tim's at Stourbridge College where they both effectively started their journey, loosely, together.

He now intends to follow another of his highly skilful passions of making violins! Talk about 'and now for something completely different'!


And Now for Some Pretty Pictures!



         Face side


                                                                   Reverse and side showing embossed 'flame logo.


The technique required to create this vase is certainly THE most time consuming that has ever been employed by Timothy Harris. It highlights the extremes he will go to in the pursuit of ensuring that his 'best work will be done tomorrow'. Thus endorsing the work ethic put in place by his iconic father, Michael.

The total preparation time for EACH piece made in this 'reverse cameo' process covers 3 full days to complete which starts by creating a clay mould for the pattern as well as the making of hot glass and then the painstaking and labour intensive cold finishing after.

The whole process is covered in a wonderful video shown on the Studio website and is well worth watching. It simply gives you an idea of what goes in to making something as special as this.

The background guitar music, out of interest, is a piece played by the M.D and Tim's uncle Richard Harris.

The price is no reflection of the total value in time alone as well as the fact that it uses a reverse cameo process seldom, if ever, seen.

The process proved so time consuming in fact that it has never been repeated. A collectors 'gem'


Description: Barocco Collectors Open day 2015 'TRIAL' vase

Maker : Timothy Harris IoW Studio Glass

Size: 12.5cm(5”)high x 8cm (3.25“) wide x 5.5(2.25”)deep

Date: 2015 Studio Collectors Day only

Marks: Timothy Harris Glass 2015 TRIAL

Condition : New

Price: SOLD




A special promotional aid for good IoW.S.G. retailers supplied with reasonable trade orders or via the agents as a 'gift'. I can only recall less than 50 being produced but cannot be sure of that as records were never kept. However the nice part is that they were avidly sought after and still are. The one I have is regularly coveted and asked to be bought but I have resisted as it is the only one I have from my original samples and so is not for sale (no matter how often you pester me!!). They are very desirable as they were made using the same process as the iconic 'Nightscape' design, in essence, with silver on cobalt blue glass. A match made in heaven ( well at the Studio In St.Lawrence actually, for Richard Dawkins disciples!)

Description: I.of W. Retailer Special Advertising Promotional display block

Maker : IoW Studio Glass

Size: 10cm(4”) square x 4cm (1.5“) deep

Date: 1986'ish

Marks: As shown

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD




                                                                   Mdina ZigZag Trailed Attenuated Bottle vase in Amethyst & Blue

  With the passage of time this one item is now proving to be probably the rarest (yes 'Rarest' and I do not ,unlike Ebay sellers, use that description lightly) of all the special Michael Harris pieces – and that includes the most prestigious 'Crizzle Stone vase.   

This is clearly his trial piece also as it does not have the button top but confirmed by Tim as a hot finished top at the time of making. Unlike the only other two we have seen which had the flared 'button' flange top.

In my 40 years I have now only come across 3 in total (one of which I sold to one of our avid early M.H. Era Mdina collectors. So if you want something special which I feel I can confidentially say you may never come across again, this is it.

The provenance ensuring its place in the great scheme of things is that it is not only signed by Michael but he also dated it. A VERY unusual feature and all the assurance you could need.

For fully signed up members of our A.G pcg members I am willing to sell this on a 'pay as you can' basis. It is one of your benefits of membership. NO interest!. Can you afford to miss out? After all dear Mike is not going to come back and make and, more importantly, sign any more is he?

If no-one invests in this gem it goes in to my own special collection and may never be seen again until I croak and fall off my branch. Could be tomorrow or......well who knows?!

Description: ZigZag Trailed Attenuated Bottle vase

Maker : Michael Harris at Mdina Glass, Malta.

Size: 53.5cm(21”) tall x 8cm (3.25“) diam.

Date: 1969

Marks: Signed 'Michael Harris'. Mdina Glass, Malta. 1969

Condition : Excellent

Price: £1950.00 ( p.c.g. members disc. Free p&p)




A colour finish that never went into production but clearly either trialled for evaluation, not adopted, and then sold on. Standard size of the larger globe perfume bottles of that time but an unusual combination of colours. Very attractive in my opinion but as with all these things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what's not to like?? (Good price too for a large size)

Description: Globe shaped perfume bottle

Maker : I.o.W. Studio Glass

Size: 11.5cm(4.5”) high x 8cm (3.5“) diam

Date: 1985'ish

Marks: Black triangle sticker'78~'90'ish

Condition : Excellent

Price: SOLD


                That's All Folks!!

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