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January / February 2017
This month's newsletter highlights :  
 End of year sale items   ~    Exclusive limited edition Timothy Harris Fish Vases   





Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!


Right, the merriment and the Annual General Arguments are all behind us, although I have yet to drag Christmas decorations – otherwise know as mouse nesting materials- into the attic!

So the time has come for my season of uncontrollable sobbing and for you, some Scrooge like hand wringing, AKA ~

Half Price Sale Time!

Item # 1.



Product Notes

A shape which was never listed in the archive lists and so presumed to be a mould blown trial for the range known as 'New Kyoto' .Colour is deep purple / blue which was the closest to representing black, a colour which does not actually exist in the world of studio glass. Early glass makers used obsidian glass – effectively volcanic rock - but this is not used nowadays.

Description: Straight Sided Footed Cylinder Vase black. New Kyoto collection.

Maker : I.o.W. Studio Glass Size: 20.25 cm(8”)high x 4.5cm(1.75“)diam. top & 6 cm(2.5”)base.

Date: Mid Eighties (1986~'88)

I.D. Marks: None ( but confirmed by Tim & Liz Harris)

Condition : Excellent

Price: £45.00 normally but £22.50 at half price plus p&p (and no further discount as per p.c.g. terms)

Item #2



Product Notes

A very substantial piece almost exclusively made by Michael as, for some strange reason, his height was an advantage in the making which involved spinning it on the blowing iron to allow centrifugal force to create the shape. Makes sense and is a process still employed today to create similar shapes. In classic early 'Aurene' colours and a wonderful table centre piece for the home and why has it not found a good one to date?

Description: Aurene Platter

Maker : I.o.W. Studio Glass (probably made by Michael Harris)

Size: 37cm(1'2.5”)diam. x6 cm(2.5“)high

Date: 1975~'77 aprox. I.D.

Marks: Impressed 'Flame Logo' Condition : Excellent Price: £295.00  normally but £147.50 at half price + p&p (no further discount as per p.c.g. terms) SOLD



Product Notes

One of the few colourways in this range and overshadowed in terms of sales, at the time, by its more dramatic sibling in a deep gunmetal blue but known as 'black'(see above note). Nonetheless lasted from 1988 ~ '90 but with limited volume and so very scarce these days. A nice one to help make up additional representation in an 'avid's' collection. And, before you ask, NOT a perfume bottle missing a stopper. It was designed this way!

Description : 'Ribbons' white small globe vase

Maker : I.o.W. Studio Glass

Size: 9cm(3.5”)high x 6.5cm(3”)diam.

Date: 2003 I.D. Marks: Triangle sticker

Condition : Excellent Price: £75.00 normally but £37.50 at half price (no further discount as per p.c.g. Terms)SOLD

Item #4



Product notes

As far as we can judge this would be one of Richard Golding's early paperweights from pre 1983 when I was his main agent and still had an uphill task convincing him that all unique pieces not part of a range deserved having his name engraved on the base. But like so many top of the tree glass makers their modesty seemed to preclude them from doing so. This is one such example. A beautifully constructed cane/murrine nonetheless and well worth considering adding to an Okra Collection. As most would know a very special glass making company. Got to be worth a 'punt' at that price and an enduring investment as well.

Description: Okra Murrine paperweight (similar to 'Moonflower' design)

Maker : Richard Golding

Size: 6.5 cm(2.5”)high x 7cm(2.75“)diam.

Date: 1980's

I.D. Marks: None

Condition : Excellent Price: £95.00  normally but £47.50 at half price (no further discount as per p.c.g. terms) SOLD

Item #5



Product Notes

A superb simple example of Richard Golding's skills in glass iridising. Demonstrating the reason why he is considered one of worlds top exponents of this type of surface decoration. An absolute gem of a serious novelty.

Description: Okra egg paperweight

Maker : Richard Golding

Size: 8.5cm(3.25”)high x 6cm(2.25“)diam.

Date: 1980's

I.D. Marks: 'Okra' engraved to base.

Condition : Excellent

Price: £.65.00 normally but £32.50 at half price (no further discount as per p.c.g. terms)SOLD

It's Good News Week !!

I now have some interesting news for you and some of the most exiting news we have had for years which follows on from a mention I made towards the end of last year.


This was that I would be commissioning from Tim - some very special pieces based on early, and in the main, discontinued designs.

Well, it didn't take much working out to decide that there is only one iconic shape that these designs should be made in. That was of course the very distinctive and special shape of the 'Fish Vase'

To give those who may be unsure of the reason for its name it is because it represents, when turned on its side, that of a sunfish or maybe a trumpet fish for example.

It will never be fully known why Mike should design or name it so but the fact remains that it is the one most distinctive and recognisable of all his well known and documented pieces.

We do in fact also have an image of his original attempt at the very first which is dated and signed by him as RCA 1968 and includes his very first ' Trade Mark' which seems to represent a square furnace inside which is a pot (for melting glass) and a sort of tide mark representing the fill level. The image we have was taken from an eBay listing for the piece which I sadly did not win but was won by someone in Canada. I hope it still resides there in one piece. I offered the winner double the price he paid but he declined sadly. Hey Ho, such is life!.

Some of you may have seen that image - I have with me at Fairs in my historic IoWSG folder. If not, and you are interested, please ask for a look next time you see me. We have given it an interesting nick name (not suitable to put in print)!

So the full story is that Tim has made some of these commissioned pieces, which we collected on our pre-Christmas visit to the Studio, and here are some images of the first four designs available. Each one is marked 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2016. 1/3'.

1. Jazzy


2. Golden Rain


3. Nightscape


4. Seascape



Product information of above Fish Vases in number order


Description: Artius Glass exclusive commission special 'Fish Vase ~ Jazzy'

Maker : Timothy Harris at I.o.W. Studio Glass

Size: 21 cm(8.25”)high x 21cm(8.25“)wide.

Date: 2016

I.D. Marks: Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2016

Condition : New

Price: £845.00 (no further discount as per p.c.g. terms )                                                                       

This is a version of an original IoW Studio Glass past collection known as 'Jazz, from the Jazz, Rhythm & Blues' collection dated 1985. At the time a groundbreaking design AND process devised by a young Tim Harris.


Description: Artius Glass exclusive commision special 'Fish Vase ~ Golden Rain'

Maker : Timothy Harris at I.o.W. Studio Glass

Size: 21 cm(8.25”)high x 23cm(9“)wide.

Date: 2016

I.D. Marks: Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2016

Condition : New Price: £950.00(no further discount as per p.c.g. terms

One of the rarest and most desirable again of a unique design by Tim. Introduced in 1985 and discontinued at the beginning of 1986.

The range comprised up to 10 different shapes by the time it was dropped and those shapes were repeated in its sister range of ‘Firecracker' both of which did not prove to be very commercially successful due to the cost of making a quite complex process.



Description: Artius Glass exclusive commission special 'Fish Vase ~ Nightscape'

Maker : Timothy Harris at I.o.W. Studio Glass Size: 22 cm(8.75”)high x 21cm(8.25“)wide.

Date: 2016

I.D. Marks: Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2016

Condition : New Price: £845.00 (no further discount as per p.c.g. terms)

Still one of the most popular and desirable of all the designs over the years. Still produced by Timothy in the new studio (New Era) at Arreton and still to me the one design with the greatest WoW factors.

Represents moon and stars reflected in a sombre dark rolling sea at night. First produced in 1988 and designated as a 'sister' range to Seascape in that all shapes were common to both ranges.


Description: Artius Glass exclusive commission special 'Fish Vase ~ Seascape'

Maker : Timothy Harris at I.o.W. Studio Glass

Size: 21 cm(8.25”)high x 21cm(8.25“)wide.

Date: 2016

I.D. Marks: Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass England 2016

Condition : New Price: £845.00 ( no further discount as per p.c.g. terms)

Very similar concept to Nightscape but representing a daytime summer storm of crashing sea and iridescent spray.

Originally produced in in 1985 Eventually became the longest running and most successful of all those made by IoWSG.

The ultimate claim to fame of this design is that it was chosen to be presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll

at Cowes IoW by Tim Harris on behalf of all residents and businesses during her visit to the Island commemorating her Diamond Jubilee year.


We have Exclusively commissioned for this series up to 17 different iconic designs from the past including in addition to those above ~ Charleston, Undercliff, Flower Garden, Silver Mosaic, Flower Vase, Sunset Isle, Golden Seagulls, Four Seasons (Summer, Autumn & Winter)and Wild Garden (spring bouquet multi colours), Gemstone and Woodland and the rights to any others from pre 2013 ranges.

Now we have decided that to retain high degree of scarcity value, and therefore the investment value also, that no more than three of each designs will ever be produced. However, due to the problems of incorporating the production of these complex pieces into the normal production routine, Tim has the freedom to make them as circumstances allow. This is due to the requirements of having the correct colours and materials available at the time.

So we envisage that to complete the whole series it could take anything up to 2 – 3 years so you have plenty of time to save up! Anyone buying one of these will have something VERY special indeed

Also bear in mind that although they may seem expensive now relate it to a standard Fish Vase and it is not so far removed. In fact if you compare it with an Azurene Fish vase signed by Michael Harris those are now changing hands at up to £2000 plus. Just a thought!


As ever, our very best regards +

A Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year,

Ron and Ann

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