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Jenny Blair Designs
Jenny Blair produced the most individual hand painted designs from her studio in Rugby England during the eighties and nineties using her own basic bottles but with the most intricate and delicate surface decorated hand painted designs in applied gold and silver. The studio ceased trading in 2003.

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                   Sky Blue Frosted Perfume Bottle


                          Size : 4" high x 1.5" diam (10cm x 4cm)

                                    Price : £25.00 (plus p&p)

           'Swallow and Floral Tree' Perfume Bottle


                                              JBD to base

                     Size : 5" high x 2.45" diam (12.8cm x 5.8cm)

                                       Price : £39.00 (plus p&p)

    'Frolicking Fairies' Small Amphora Perfume Bottle


                                             JBD to base

                                   Screen printed design 

                      Size : 3.5" high x 1.5" diam (9cm x 4.5cm)

                                   Price : £30.00 (plus p&p)


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Tel: 01458 443694 or Mobile 07860 822666
Artius Glass
U.K. BA16 0AN

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Ron & Ann Wheeler
Artius Glass

                 Green Enamel Flowers with Gold Outline


                                          Hand painted design

                                                JB to base

                          Size : 7.5" tall x 2" wide (19cm x 5cm)

                                        Price : £39.00 (plus p&p)

                 Gold 'Fleur-de-Lis' Squat Perfume Bottle 


                                                  Silk screened.

                                                Ruby background

                                           JBD embossed to base

                         Size : 2.75" high x 1.75" diam (7cm x 4.5cm)

                                            Price : £29.00 (plus p&p)

        'Flower Panels' Large Tapered Perfume Bottle


                                          Hand painted design

                                                JB to base

                          Size : 7.5" tall x 2" wide (19cm x 5cm)

                                        Price : £39.00 (plus p&p)

        'Flower Panels' Medium Tapered Perfume Bottle


                                                Hand painted design

                                                       JB to base

                             Size : 5" tall x 1.25" wide ( 13cm x 3.5cm)

                                              Price : £35.00 (plus p&p)

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