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APRIL 2020
This month's newsletter highlights     All Fair Dates have been      
'postponed until further notice'    ~      Most products still available
via the websites.

  Hello Artius Glass & I.o.W. Studio Glass Enthusiasts!

As one of our most loyal 'avids' recently said to us, 'It seems that the whole world has gone to hell in a hand cart!' Well, if you take the origination of the expression's meaning that is about the truth as it was coined during the 1600 global Black Death, or Bubonic Plague pandemic. This current outbreak is certainly in the same genre. However, carting off the dead in a hand cart has been superseded somewhat, thank goodness. But with reference to its effect on business generally it is about the truth of it.

Even so, lack of buying and selling generally is far better than the alternative! So, thank goodness for the Internet.

It therefore falls to us to see if we can apply some degree of normality to this sad and awful situation for so many poor souls.

What has at least been comforting is the uplifting nature of the humour which has arisen via the internet and several of the groups which I, and Ann, are part of. I have to admit that I look forward every morning to seeing the jokes and cartoons when we open our smartphones to the world before looking at the grisly statistics which would otherwise depress us all beyond belief.

I have sourced a couple to add to the end of this letter with no offence intended. It's just humour (in my opinion anyway)

Meanwhile in the hope that 'A thing of beauty....' may lift your spirits the next items come under our familiar heading ~~~~

And Now For Some Pretty Pictures!




As most will know this is one of the only ranges which Tim and the Studio bent to American preferences that numbered items should be termed as 'Limited Editions' and no amount of persuading by Mike would change their view. So in the far off genre of 'gift collectables' it was deemed better to go with it than lose the good will of the prestigious stores who had placed the order. So, reluctantly the Studio bowed to the market requiring a somewhat false classification of 'Limited Editions'. In truth this term was originated to cover items churned out in an identical form and issuing a finite number of a world edition to ultimately give it added value by creating a scarcity by number.

However in the case of an item of totally hand made quality this could not be so and this design was one such as each - albeit following a similar design parameter - was an edition of 1 of 1 and so of greater intrinsic value as a result. However for better or worse this title was applied and each was numbered accordingly, this being No. 16 of an intended issue of 250. According to studio records this was by no means achieved.

What did make it special design, and still does (we have just commissioned the same design in our Special Edition Fish Vases of which there are only 3 by the way) is the pattern and artistic interpretation of the Undercliff area of the I.of W. just above where the old original studio was located at St.Lawrence. And interpret it, it does, perfectly. A very complex and desirable range in simple terms.

Description: Isle of Wight Studio Glass – 'Undercliff' large paperweight

Maker : Timothy Harris

Size: 3.5" high x 3.5”diam (9cm x 9cm)

Date: 1999

Marks: Signed 'Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass 1999 16/250' & Square gold sticker

Condition : Perfect

Price: SOLD (less p.c.g. members disc. @ 12.5% & FREE P&P) See membership terms




With a heavy heart we have now listed, from our personal collection, one of THE most time consuming and accomplished of all the work produced by Timothy Harris in his 40 years of glass making. This was presented to us personally as a thanks for our contribution to what went into making the Studio Collectors Day so successful. I instigated the initial Day originally in 2006 as a special by invitation event for 'Collectors Club only' members

This event has run successfully ever since and Tim has always managed to come up with something quite staggering in worldwide terms. Each piece was offered as a special 'made on that day' only item to attendees of the event. I hope he forgives me for offering it for sale. Whether we see the like of such a piece or event again is in the lap of the gods.

If, as planned, I retire sometime within the next couple of years or so, it won't be M./C.'d by me.

I have included for interest some images covering the alternative colourway and in another image several of Tim's 'trial' pieces running up to the finished shapes. All of these were sold. Note also the standard size perfume bottle to give you some idea of the size and proportion of the large one offered for sale.

As a very special example of what this country's finest Studio Glass maker can accomplish this ticks all the boxes.

The limited availability of this piece puts it in a very special scarcity bracket of its own.

Description: Isle of Wight Studio Glass – 'Galle Jardin' Large 2017 Exclusive Studio Day Piece stoppered bottle

Maker : Timothy Harris

Size: 8" high x 7” diam (20cm x 18cm)

Date: 27th Nov. 2017 0nly

Marks: Inscribed ' Timothy Harris Isle of Wight Glass - Studio Day 2017'. Plus Gold Square sticker.

Condition : Perfect

Price: £895.00 Special item. No discount applies. But free P&P. See membership terms.




A most evocative and captivating concept based on the new process devised by Tim after the move to Arreton Barns. It interprets the crashing seas of an Atlantic storm ridden so intriguingly and skilfully by large seabirds such as Seagulls and Albatross who roam the open waters of our oceans. This large bottle has two birds engraved out on either side by Tim and then filled with Sterling Silver. (They appear to be a standard white in colour in the photo) Just magic. We have one other in stock (on our website) in a smaller size. Still large as perfume bottles go and just as captivating. No more than a handful have ever been made.

Description: Isle of Wight Studio Glass – 'Wave Box with Silver Seagulls' flask perfume bottle Large

Maker : Timothy Harris & Team

Size: 7.5" high x 5.5” wide(19cm x 14cm)

Date: 2019 0nly.

Marks: New studio flame logo black sticker

Condition : Perfect

Price: £320.00 (Special item. No discount applies. (But free P&P) See membership terms.




Description: Isle of Wight Studio Glass – 'Wave Box with Silver Seagulls' Bag Vase

Maker : Timothy Harris & Team

Size: 7" high x 6” wide (18cm x 15.5cm)

Date: 2019 0nly.

Marks: New studio flame logo black sticker

Condition : Perfect

Price: £320.00 (Special unique item. No discount applies. (But free P&P) See membership terms.

One other item

In case you were not aware, as with the rest of the world, Isle of Wight Studio Glass has been closed and is in lockdown and will be for the duration 'until further notice'. As with us it has been a traumatic readjustment for everyone involved but along with most of the world and his uncle, Tim's house and garden has never looked so spruce! (so I am informed!)

However, in conversation with Tim's mother, Liz, she has asked me to point out that the stock in the shop - most of which is online on the Studio website, is still available if you feel the need to be tempted and cheered up by making a purchase.

Our loyal and dauntless Roger at the studio is still fielding all emails as before and is able to manage any purchases as he has his own Workshop access right next door. So, take a look at both websites and make contact as before.

Our Fair Dates have all been 'postponed until further notice'

Is this statement above becoming the worlds most well worn phrase??!



                That's All Folks!!

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